Attention All Members; After a decade, the Board of Directors has voted to adjust fees for the up-coming year. While normally these fees are announced in November, the Board felt it was better to announce them earlier. These fees take effect for all dues and fees due in 2023.

Work Hours = $10 (Doubled)
Dues = $300 per year (min $100) (increase $30)
Initiation Fee = $200 (No Change)
Failure to do minimum 8 hours = $50 (increase $20)
Camping Fee = $500 (increase $200) (min $300 w/work hours)
Pool Fee = $100 (min $50 w/work hours) No Increase)


All Members; All requests for approved reimbursement must be accompanied by a reimbursement form and all receipts. You can find this form to the right at the bottom of the IMPORTANT panel. 


Click HERE to view/download the current Calendar of Events (pdf)