Thurmont 2GUN Series. 2GUN matches are similar to 3GUN but use only a pistol and carbine. The matches are fun, fast paced, do not require range carts, frequently require shooting both supported and unsupported. The matches are conducted according to the Mid-Atlantic Multigun rules, FN scoring. The rules are strict and the safety procedures must be followed exactly. Violations of the rules may result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the match. If you are unfamiliar with these rules, study them carefully before registering for your first match. Target distances will vary per match and can be from approximately 5 to 300 yards. Each match will usually have 5 stages and a round count of approximately 100 per gun.

We use the Mid-Atlantic Multi-gun rules. Please read them here. For scoring, we will be using "FN scoring" (6.1.1) and Time Plus Points (6.2.1). We utilize FN Scoring unless otherwise specified.

Thurmont is a COLD range. Firearms must be unloaded at all times, except during the match under the direct supervision of a safety officer (SO). Handling of firearms at vehicles is prohibited. Long guns must have an EMPTY CHAMBER INDICATOR (Chamber Flag) IN PLACE at all times, starting from the moment the rifle is uncased for placement in a gun cart or slung. Pistols must be uncased and holstered ONLY at designated safety areas. EARTHEN side berms behind the line of fire are the safety areas. On many of the bays, there are tables with roofing labeled "loading" and "unloading" that are SASS/CASS (cowboy) and DO NOT apply to us. NO AMMUNITION HANDLING in safety areas. Note that cinder block and plywood walls ARE NOT safety areas. Use of suppressors is not prohibited, but the match director can not assure accurate times. Steel core or steel (bimetal) jacketed ammunition is PROHIBITED.

All registration and squadding is done exclusively via Practiscore up until 6PM the day prior to the match, at which time registration closes. Steps are as follows: 
1) Register via Practiscore 
2) You will receive a confirmation email from Practiscore verifying receipt of your registration. If you don't receive the confirmation email, check that your email address was entered correctly or the confirmation went to your spam folder (so check it). 
3) You will receive a second email from Practiscore that you have been approved by the match director to attend the match and to squad yourself. You are responsible for selecting your squad. If you don't receive the approval to squad then the match is full (even though the squad list may still show openings). If you receive the approval to squad email but you fail to squad yourself by 6PM the day before the match, you will NOT be allowed to shoot. Walk-ons the day of the match are NOT ALLOWED to shoot the match. The match director does not maintain a wait list for this match. If you wish to shoot with specific people, it is highly recommend that you register and squad early. We will not be able to accommodate squad changes on the day of the match.

If you are registered and squadded but need to cancel, it is very important to withdraw from the match as soon as possible, and no later than 3PM the day before the match. If "stuff happens" (i.e. life) after 3PM, withdraw anyway and simultaneously email the match director even up to the morning of the match. Repeated no-shows without prior notification will jeopardize future approvals.
We welcome new shooters, but require they be proficient in handling their rifle and pistol. For this reason we will only accept shooters who have shot in an action competition (i.e. IDPA, USPSA, 3GUN, SASS), or have appropriate military/law enforcement training. You will be required to sign a waiver before shooting a match at TCSC.