The Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman's Club (TCSC) is a private organization. If you are interested in joining, we suggest that you participate in some of our matches and get to know a few of our members. 

  • Fill out a membership application.
  • Prospective members should attend a monthly membership meeting (8:00p.m. on the 1st Thursday of the Month) and will be required to explain to the membership why they want to become a member of TCSC. The range test may be taken during this meeting.
  • The membership committee will then perform the prescribed background checks. NOTE: If you have an HQL or sent your application to us with at least 1 week before the membership meeting, we can run a background check on you before-hand and eliminate the one-month wait.
  • The prospective member will be required to attend the next monthly membership meeting where their membership shall be voted upon by the club membership. Upon acceptance by the membership the new member shall pay the required initiation fee (currently $200) and dues (pro-rated - currently 22.50* per remaining month).
  • The new member shall be required to attend the "New Member Orientation" on the Saturday following the membership meeting. After completion of the course, and having passed the written range test, they shall receive their range card and they shall have full access to all the facilities of TCSC. Swimming pool access and camping require additional fees.
  • New members are considered to be "probationary members" for the first year.
  • Probationary members have the requirement to attend 4 membership meetings in their first year.
  • ALL Members are required to perform a minimum of 8 hours of work as approved by the Board of directors or pay a penalty fee with their next year's dues. (The 8 hours WILL apply to reduce member's dues for the next year.)

Note: you can download and print an application pdf** document from here.

* Membership fees are shown in the table below and can be reduced by performing club volunteer hours.

Item  Amount

Hours that

can be applied


Amount with

total hours

Yearly Dues  $270.00   Up to 40 hours   $70.00
Seasonal Family Pool Pass  $75.00   Up to 5 hours  $50.00
Seasonal RV Camping Spot   $300.00   Up to 30 hours   $150.00

Note: The documents/forms are in PDF format. You will need an Adobe reader to view and print it on your PC. Your PC may already have an Adobe PDF reader, but you can download the Adobe Reader here (FREE) if you need it.